Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Police Torture and our “Innocent Ignorance”

Recently, there has been an uproar on the barbaric torture by the police, specially the so-called “chitrol” in full public view. Reacting to the media coverage, many big ones have ordered inquires into the matter and to “punish the culprits.” And I just smiled – smiled on the “innocent ignorance” of all those who matter since everyone in public knows what goes on in our police stations and how suspects are treated to divulge the truth. And I go by the statement of one policeman that this has been going on since ages. And EVERYONE who matters or even doesn’t matter, knows this. Even in villages, the big ones ask the loyal SHO to subject his disobedient for this hellish treatment.
And what is more apologetic is the sorry state of the “follow up” by the media in our country. Soon after creating the uproar, there is no mention of any update on what happened to the culprits or what steps have been taken by the government to bring an end to such incidents.
I wish we live in a society where everyone respects every citizen irrespective of how much money has or hasn’t in his pocket. And the suspects get a fair trial by the police and all those who matter. Even use of more humane and scientific methods is suggested to divulge the truth from the suspects, which in many case are innocent but come back home with a good amount of torturous spanking and shame.


Asghar Javed said...

What else is a "Police State" ?

Asghar Javed said...

This has been there all along. I know that, only media has got the courage to air it now.

Jalal HB said...

And then forgot about it - that is the dilemma. There is no follow up journalism in our country

Anonymous said...

Pl move on despite your hectic business of shifting. Shirazi

Anonymous said...

Treatment of suspects at police stations is a part of subcontinent folklore. Who hasn't heard of:

1. Sach Puttar --- a rubber shellack used to beat the crap out of (usually innocent) suspects.

2. Chili treatment --- essentially, cayenne pepper shoved up the ass of (usually innocent) suspects.

3. starving rats dropped down the suspect's Shalwar/trousers with shalwar tied at the bottom to prevent any route of escape. This was done especially to female suspects to the delight (entertainment) of the police staff.

I suspect (sadly) all this still goes on. I used to live next to a police station when I was a child and witnessed many a torture from the roof of my house (it had a view to the police station's backyard).