Friday, January 1, 2010

Rejoice - 2010 is Born!!

2010 is born

I got out very early in the morning to welcome the first rising sun of 2010 with a hope to hear good news from now on. But the first scene was disturbing as I came across an accident in which a car had ran into a trolley carrying steel bars and nothing was left of  the tin-made Suzuki car – I do not know the fate of the passengers of the car. On my way back I saw long queue of cars in front of each CNG station that I passed and I thought that the government would have lowered the price of CNG that’s why people are rushing for it. But when I got home and picked up the newspaper, I was shocked to find an almost Rs. 6 increase per kg of the CNG. However there was some celebration as well – the government had very magnanimously reduced the price of petrol by 0.89 paisa. I WAS OVER JOYED.

But my joy was short lived when I turned the page and on the page-3, there was a report that indicated a disaster waiting the country as the oil refineries had run out of credit to buy any more crude oil since no payments had been made to them for quite sometime. This was not only it. There was a news that the president had said that he had “political weapons” to fight out the forces that are trying to remove him from the office. My oh My. I had heard of machine guns and bullets, but never of political weapons. I wonder what these are. But since I am not into politics, I felt a sigh of relief since these could not be used against the common man. There was a resolve from PML(N) that they would shun “friendly opposition” image. How strange, I never heard of a foe who was friendly as well. We really are making history. Aren’t we?

I tried to find any good news and I found one. Swat hotel owners have offered tourists 10-day free stay in all hotels in Swat. Hmm. But who would like to take on an adventure in an area recently cleared of mines and bombs. There was yet another new that during 2009, 2600 terrorists were killed by security forces while 44 US drone attacks left 700 civilians dead (and only 5 Al-Qaeda men).

I closed the newspaper. I being quite optimistic, think that things would be better in the end, no matter how bad is the beginning. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Photo Courtesy:  Jalalspages


S A J Shirazi said...

Call me sadist but I simply can't rejoice. Give me a reason to be happy, any reason.

Jalal HB said...

Events should not turn us into pessimists - be happy and happiness would come your one day