Friday, January 22, 2010

The King says “Eat Cake (in candlelight)”

Once there was a king who ruled “a” country – or let me say there were many kings and a lone queen who ruled. Each ruled with disastrous ends and was replaced either by the bigger king or their military men. In one of the kings’ time, the king wanted everyone in his fist, so he committed many mistakes that led to his ouster by his very own military man. The military man though put many things right, did many blunderers too. Although, people had access to electricity, sugar or flour, there were grave mistakes committed by the military man when he meddled into the affairs of his law man and also to prolong his tenure, he “forgave” all earlier wrong doings of the thousands of people. But in the end, he had to pack up hurriedly and was replaced by a man who became the new king.

In the era of the new king, sugar became scarce and thus very expensive. People had to queue up the whole day long for a kg of the sweet thing, but returned home empty handed. In one place, many a people, including children and women died in a stampede when the crowd got impatient to get the sugar. Likewise, the flour also became a rare commodity and people took sack full of money to get a handful of flour. This was all being done in complete darkness as there was no electricity either.

Now the news have it that for extra electricity, people have to pay 45% more than what they are paying as the power being rented is very expensive (same as once the IPP did). It is also in the air that sugar price would cross the three digit mark and so would the flour.

So it is also being proposed to the king that he should go public and tell them to eat cakes (in the candlelight) as they would not have either the electricity or sugar and flour.



Asghar Javed said...

The resilient people - as we are - may be able to live this king to but he is going to meet a very bad end. I can see fellow beings pushed to the end of the street. I can them retaliating and getting the king from throat.

That happens when any ruler thinks 'he is democracy' or 'he is the country' and there is nothing left is he is not there.