Friday, January 22, 2010

IPL - Politics of Hate

Though I am not an avid fan of the game of cricket but keep watching it as it involves our national team and sometimes some good cricket is seen. And we have some of the finest players of the world, of which we are duly proud of.

The IPL thing that has attracted from players from all over the world should not have been a monetary thing alone, but a venue for the people to watch the world class players embattled in good and healthy competition. So far so good. But the recent event of so called “auction” of the players in India was nothing but a show of India’s hidden hatred for Pakistan, despite their advocacy for world peace and love. The vague statements by the Indian ministers clearly point out that the Indian government had a forceful say in rejection of Pakistani players. And like all other Pakistanis, I also felt humiliated and embarrassed on what happened to our players. The sports should have been left to the players only with no politics attached – but it is really sad that sports which allow healthy competition are now being dragged into nations’ otherwise strained relations. In fact the allowing of the Pakistani players would have been a harbinger for breaking the thaw in the relations of Pakistan and India. But a chance has been badly made to miss.

What “aman ki aasha” we are talking off? Why we alone strive for better relations? If we wanna clap, let the other also extend the second hand – you cannot do it alone.