Friday, December 18, 2009

NRO Annulment – What Thereafter?

The annulment judgement by the Supreme Court is being hailed countrywide – but many have speculations about what is to follow next. Many a key and sensitive appointment holders are beneficiaries of the now defunct NRO, who instead of stepping down and contest the accusations according to the rule of the land and come clean, if they could, are still clinging on to their posts. The weight of their posts can influence the judgment in the event of put on trial. 

But nothing of this sort is being seen so far. Every beneficiary is claiming to be innocent – but mere assertions cannot fulfil the requirement of the law. They have to contest it in the courts and then accept the judgement. Even morally, the beneficiaries should have stepped down, even if they think they are innocent. This has never happened in our country before and people wait and see the true worth of their leaders in standing up to the crisis situation as of the day.

We wait ….