Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm the Beacon

I'm the Beacon

For most of us the candlelight is the beacon as the long spells of load shedding gather us around the candles and dimly lit bulbs running on inverters or generators. It is sad that we have yet to switch over to the alternative means of energy like the wind, solar or coal energy (which we have in abundance lying untapped for years altogether).

While we have acute scarcity of electricity and nothing seriously seems to be done by the successive governments, we at our own end are also no helping. A friend who recently visited Australia told me that all markets and shops close at sunset to conserve electricity and fuel (since people wont go out as all markets would be closed). And what do we do? Go anywhere even late at night in Karachi, Lahore or any other big city and one would find all places brightly lit,  and people thronging every place that has something to sell. Hotels  and eateries are open even very late at night, some can even be visited early in the morning.

We need to change our life style, sleep early by closing our shops at best by 8pm and getting up early. Till we do that, there will continue to be electricity shortage and the candles would continue to be our beacons. No?

My Photography (Taken from Flickr: Jalalspages )