Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I only had Time

I often see people lamenting for not having time for them alone, their families and friends. Everyone is so engrossed into his work, his office and elsewhere that he is always short of time for people around him or people who love him. It seems that 'time deficit' is one of the main challenges facing most people face today and not knowing how to overcome this syndrome. Perhaps people forget that there probably is no other skill that one can muster that will give them a greater return than to become extremely knowledgeable and experienced in using time management practices.

We all know that time cannot be saved – days pass by, leaving us more frustrated for not having one that, that and that and so on. But if we spend our time wisely, efficiently and productively, here won’t be any lamentations afterwards.

There comes a “time” in ones life, when he is afforded an opportunity when one can do things one had been wanting to do all one’s life. Those who cash the opportunity are the ones who have no regrets afterwards. But I see so many who have opportunities but wait for yet another better opportunity and then lose everything. I once had an opportunity and I really cashed on to it and did what many people before me in that office could not and waited for better days. So when I decided to do many things that I wanted, I was amazed to see all hurdles giving way one by one and I accomplished almost everything that I had on my mind. And I could do it by thinking through and planning my goal posts in advance that dramatically reduced the amount of time it took me to do the actual job.

I then came to know the secret of successful men and women in the enterprising world. They are effective and efficient. And above all can manage time to conform to their plans and ideas, that take them to their goalposts exactly, or nearly exactly, as per their schedule of work.

So those who say that there is too much to do and so little time they have, are in fact people who do not value time and schedule it properly. For such people there cannot be a better thing than to sit back and listen to John Rowel’s “If I only had time.”


Asghar Javed said...

On the contrary, I have a lot of times and little to do. May be I need to find more to do.

Jalal HB said...

Once you retire, you have all the time to yourself - the post is for those "young" and inspiring people who have yet to make a mark (btw - hadn't you have white moustches, you would still look young).

Asghar Javed said...

Thanks JalalHB for making my day. Young sounds so sweet :-)