Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Worry?


There are people around us who worry too much and work too less. While worrying is OK for a human being as he has sentiments and not a lifeless thing, excessive worrying means lack of confidence in oneself and also lack of faith in our Creator. Man is destined to hard work for which the Nature has promised a befitting reward. I have seen people lamenting that while they do their best and pray for their wishes to be fulfilled, no divine help seems to be forthcoming to redress their grievances or misfortunes. Although, it is very difficult to console such people as humans have a limited endurance and patience and cannot sustain long drawn battle lines with miseries and misfortunes. But in the end, everything revolves around patience and faith. That is why when someone loses a near or dear one, or faces a set back in business, others around him only advise him for patience or what we call “Sabr”.  And that is all one can do to help the one in distress.
However, there are a few, who have strong and unflinching faith in the Nature and their Creator and whenever some harm comes to them or are in a distress, they would be looking towards the Heavens since they believe that “If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. A simple thing to read but very difficult to believe by those who lack faith.  I saw this unflinching faith in my late father (may be blessed) who all along his life did his utmost in anything he was to do, and then sat back since he knew that from then on, the Nature had taken over and whatever would descend, it would be acceptable to him. We went through hard times, but I never saw his faith wavering even for a nanosecond.  He would often advise me that “Whatever is to be given to you (or whatever is in your destiny) cannot be taken away by someone, and whatever is not to be for you, no one could give it to you – so never worry and have faith”.
We need to start building on to our faith thing and start to really understand that if we are pitched against a wall, a hole can be created through the wall for us to go across only if we know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel for those who believe and have faith.
Want to try the faith thing from now on?


Asghar Javed said...

True! Very True. May Allah bless us all with strength to do what ever is possible and faith.