Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Perfect Machine

Man is the most perfect machine ever “manufactured” by our Creator. Apparently, everyone looks alike (barring colour / facial out look or any disability). But the moment everyone of us is put to work, the machine takes over – doing everything automatically as any computerized man made machine would do. A carpenter would look nothing but an illiterate person, but when he enters his workshop, and grabs his tools, his machine takes over, crafting wonders. A cook also looks similar to any other person, but when in kitchen, his hands and brains make a perfect combination: cutting, mixing ingredients and adding garnish – all done so perfectly that one is amazed at this computer made of flesh and bone. A driver, a sailor or a pilot all look alike but when at control of their crafts, one is amazed on their perfection and skill with which they handle their machines. A machine operating a machine – a perfect harmony which is amazing.
One can go on and on making relationships, but would continue to wonder the inborn exclusive teamwork of brain and limbs. The machine that can continue to function endlessly with same precision and perfection.
When we see a new invention, we express our amazement and awe, and praise its inventor. But do we ever wonder how the entire mechanism of the universe functions with so much of precision, rhythm and time? How the entire universe functions systematically, how a baby is formed in the womb, how climates change and how galaxies shine?
No wonder it is the Creator behind the machine that matters (the common phrase changed to suit the occasion).