Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Unique Cheesy Pizza of Spontini Milano

There are more Pizza lovers in the world than any other single food. These come in many forms, hard crust or soft, spicy or extremely spicy, beef, chicken, pork or even vegetable. All sell alike to satisfy taste buds of pizza lovers. 

But if you go to a pizza shop and are offered only one type of pizza and when you reluctantly accept to eat, you instantly fall in love with that type of pizza and you always walk up to the same pizza shop?

Well although I am not a much pizza man but my children surely are. While in Milano, Italy my two sons had a wind of a particular pizza shop which incidentally was located very close to the hotel we were staying. So we walked over to the place and ordered the only kind of pizza available and waited patiently, watching others whose orderd had been served eating their order with much delight. The cheesy stuff was enough to fill my mouth with all the water of my body.
Oh I forgot to tell the name of the place, but you would guessed it from the photos I have shared above and in between the post - Spontini Milano  !! From the Tuscan “Cibi Cotti” rotisserie, to Pizzeria Spontini, pizza by the slice since 1953, the name is the place for real pizza lovers.
 Waiting for the surprise of our lives

And when our order was served, I reluctantly calved out a small piece which came to my mouth with long cheezy strings. And when I tasted it, I fell in love with this cheeze only pizza isntantly. It melted in my mouth. giving me the joy of my life. 

The piece served looked so big and at first glance I thought I would I be able to finish it. But when the eating got going, the place was empty in no time and I instantly rushed to counter to order more for us.
The huge size of the pizza piece can be well imagined from the photos shared above and pizza lovers would know how enormous one piece was. And One thing that amazed me was that the pizza was sold by weight and not by size. And pizza lovers both locals and tourists were buying in large quantities for obvious reasons.
So when you are in Milano Italy next time, do not skip the meal of your life at Spontini Milano - and if you miss, you will regret reading my post for the second time. Remember there is only pizza shop in Milano and that is Pizzeria Spontini.

Photo Header | All other photos were shot by me at Spontini Milano - 2014
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