Tuesday, March 20, 2018

20 March - World Sparrow Day

We observe many days each year - like a day for women, animal life, environment or even health related diseases' days. But today, 20th March marks the day for a small bird that we often see around us and ignore: The House Sparrow.

The day is observed for the protection of House Sparrow and other common birds that we often see in the urban areas. However, due to fast growing and expanding urban areas, the natural habitat of such small birds is shrinking and it is feared that very soon we may not see house sparrows flying around us or sitting on our window panes.

Due to rapid urbanization in the 70s, the decline in population of home sparrow and other common birds started and as per some estimates, as compared to their population in the 60s, we are left with only 10% of such ordinary birds.

The celebration of the day is an international initiative by the Nature Forever Society in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation and many other international organisations across the world. So do your best to make habitats for these birds by not destroying trees in urban areas or around your house. Rather grow plants and keep water in open for these creatures specially in summers as scorching days of summers take a heavy toll of sparrows and these die of thirst.

Photo: Mirza Naim Beg | Why celebrate World Sparrow Day
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