Friday, August 4, 2017

Exotic Women Fashion Ware in Pakistan

The women fashion wear in Pakistan has gone a long way from ordinary two pieces matching suits to a wide variety of un-stitched and stitched suits consisting of many pieces and elaborate, eye catching designs in exotic and vivid colours. Now the trend among women in Pakistan is visit big retail shops of a number of leading outlets and designers' tailor made suits for all occasions.

Recently at the opening ceremony of a leading retailer, the women thronged the place much before it was opened and had to wait both outside the store for hours to get in. And once inside, the queues were so long that the trailing end customers had to wait for more than two hours to reach the counter.

And that was not all - the shopping bags were overflowing with suits - some even boasting to have collected three to four dozen packets - ostensibly for those back home but actually for their own self or to get these exchanged when the crowd thinned after the opening sale was over. Another such showdown has been announced for 14th of August and the potential buyers are already planning to come closer to the outlet by spending an overnight stay with friends and relatives living closer to the outlet.
The variety available is not restricted to women only - now the leading retailers have also added suits for men and kid beside pottery and decoration pieces to add to the galore of the outlets. The business is so thrivingly in that the leading retailers have opened their outlets in the Arab countries or even UK and USA.

For working women who do not have time to go to the tailors for their suits stitched, there is a wide variety of stitched suits, shirts and trousers abundantly and readily available off the shelf.
The suits are so displayed to attract attention of one's choice from a distance and the racks and suits are in abundance to choose from. But on sale days, one cannot even see the racks as these are obscured by the women trying to select their choice and grab the suits from the tables before someone else picks up the most liked suits.
Due to their quality and designs, Pakistan's exports have registered a positive grown and everyday one finds a new competitor entering the women fashion ware business to make hay while the sun shines. Making use of one of the finest quality of cotton and textile in Pakistan, the business is thriving and continuing. 

The unstitched suits are not restricted to shirt/trouser and dopatta only. Now the suits also include embroidered strips that can used on sleeves or right on the shirt itself as add on to add to the galore of the suit. The suits come in cotton or lawn fabrics with chiffon dopatta or cotton dopattas - one thus has a wide variety of combinations to choose from.

It is the time for fashion design in Pakistan and the industry is thriving. If you happen to be visiting Pakistan, do visit some of the leading retailers like Khaddi, Sapphire, Ethnic, Nishat Linen and many more which can be easily found in every city, specially large shopping malls or at a place where you find lot of women thronging a store!!!

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