Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Special Prayer for all times

Many of us have a belief that if we offer a prayer with true heart and conviction, it is most likely to be honoured and accepted by the Almighty God ad that our wishes will come true.

But in order to pray, one must first repent one’s sins and ask forgiveness for the wrong deeds one has committed in one’s earnest and then expect God to redress our grievances.

Here is one such prayer that I pray every day and I am convinced that one Day I shall be pardoned of my sins and wrong doings. Here is how it goes:
O’ my God and Creator, If we have erred or have sinned, please do not punish us
Please do not burden us as were sinful people burdened before us
And do not put that burden on us, which we do not have the strength to lift
Please forgive us
Please bless us
And please have mercy on us
For verily we are the weak, sinful and the wrongdoers
Remember, one has to really mean it when praying - simply reading down without establishing a contact with the Creator does not pay back. So mean every word you utter and then be assured of forgiveness. Try it!!

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