Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dream: These do come true one day

Dreams are always fascinating - these come to us while we are asleep and we see images, people or events happening even if we had never thought of these in our lives. sometimes we actually see real life events that later happen to our lives or have an impact on our lives. These dreams are involuntarily which may or may not come true,

But we also dream of things in our real life and hope these to come true one day. Usually these dreams or wants are on a higher pedestal of life that we are - which generally remain unfulfilled unless we make an endeavour to realize these.

When I was a child, I could not read the hands of the watch and wondered why there are number instead of hands for immediate reading and recording time. It was just a childish thought or a dream I never knew would one day become a reality when digital watches came and helped many children like me to read the time instantly.

Seeing places has always been my favourite day dreaming. and of all the places, I always wanted to see was Switzerland on top of my 'dream listing.' That was decades ago when I read a travelogue in which the writer described how he bought a cup of hot milk and Tobbler chocolate and drank while in the typical Swiss countryside with lush green meadows and mountains and a scented breeze blowing. Reading this I dreamed of being in Switzerland and drinking this heavenly drink.

Unknown to me how onne day things will move and one day my younger son, about the same age when I dremaed of seeing Switzerland, announced one day that he wanted to go to Germany for his higher studies. He convinced me and I let him go for I never wanted to stop his dream short of being realised. So of he went and one day the rest of us decided to go to Germany and visit him, never relaisng that one of my decades old dream was about to come true.

Once in Germany, a friend suggested that we rent a car and have a tour of neighbouring EU countries for which we laready had a valid visa. So we hired a car and set forth for a journey that also inlcuded Holland, Switzerland, France and Italy. 

Thus travelling we met a school days friend in Groningen, Holland after some forty years, went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triumph and Disneyland - it was as if all childhood dreams were unfolding into reality one by one. We went to Italy and saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then on to Switzerland.

My son had deliberately booked a motel some 60 kilometers from Zurich in the 'typical Swiss landscape with mountains in the back, with rolling down meadows and Swiss cow grazing. When we reached the motel, it was already dark and we could not see the landscape shrouded in the dark.
When the dawn broke, I sneaked out of the bedroom into the balcony and suddenly I saw something that I had dreamed decades ago. The lush green landscape with a heavenly scented breeze blowing with a clear sky criss crossed by airplanes going in different directions. While I was obsessed with the heaven I was watching, my younger son brought me a cup of sizzling hot coffee - an alternative of milk and chocolate but with the same background. I sat there drinking my coffee sip by sip and enjoying the realization of my dream - in the meantime my wife also came out, sat with me and enjoyed the scene I was already enjoying sipping my coffee.
Even till date I reminisce the drinking of the coffee and Switzerland landscape which I had once longed to  happen to. So don't stop dreaming - may be one day your dreams may come true without you knowing it.

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