Sunday, August 28, 2016

Moon and I

Those of my readers of my age and older who have been music enthusiasts in the 60s, specially the instrumentals, would remember names like The Ventures, Shadows, Herb Albpert, James Last, Paul Mauriat and perhaps Ron Goodwin. These are some of the musicians who made tremendous contribution to music and are still remembered. Of these all, I am going to talk of Ron Goodwin whose Music for an Arabian Night album is one one classic based on the Arabian music, specially Beirut.
I too had this LP and its melodies are still fresh in my minds. One of the best was Return to Paradise. But I am going to talk of another beautiful composition of Ron Goodwin: The Moon and I. Moon has always fascinated man since man came into existence and it still does. Many songs have been written describing one's lover with the moon - though no one would like his/her lover like a cratered moon surface, but its is the brightness that attracts man in a dark background.

Now don't expect me to be a musician of any kind to replicate Ron Goodwin's compositions. But I do am an armature photographer and taking moon shots is one of my passion. I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to capture moon and sometimes these shots do come up very well. 
The main reason for writing this post in fact is to share my moon shots to show how beautiful the moon looks like and why it fascinate people, specially the lovers. And there is no parallel of a moon shot when its in its full bloom - that is on its 14th day as can be seen below:
Now sir back and listen to Ron Goodwin's "Moon and I" and enjoy the photos that I have shared - these photos will create the mood to listen to this beautiful musical composition:

The photos above have been shot with my Sony DSC H2 camera

You may also find some of these photos/and my other photos on Flickr
Source of Music: Sainhaqq/Youtube
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