Friday, November 13, 2015

Incredible hoteling - the Japanese way

Beaten in the WW-II, the Japanese nation rose from the devastation caused by the A-bombs and crippled economy and a stigma of defeat - something the Japanese pride could never swallow with ease. They thus came up with ideas with extreme motivation and hard work that stunned the world.

Today, the Japanese have a thriving economy, booming business and exports all over the world. Name anything from a needle to ships and trains, you will find Made in Japan stamped on world's leading merchandise.

Hoteling is not only a thriving business but an art too. It requires extreme imagination, innovation and aesthetic sense - dovetailed with technology and awareness.  And when it comes to innovation and imagination, no other nation can beat the Japanese.

I came across a video today on Facebook and am sharing this for the information of my readers. The video shows an extremely novel approach for display of food right next to your seat on a conveyer belt - continuously moving and you may pick up anything that you wish to eat. Not only that, you can order via a digital display and the ordered food is delivered right on your table - without any help of a waiter or a blonde waitress you may have been eagerly looking forward to coming and delivering your order to you.

Watch the video below as I have no more words to describe this innovative delivery approach:

Japanese Restaurant Its Incredible........
Posted by Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan

Amazing - isn't it? Next time you are in Japan, do visit this place and enjoy this novel approach to hoteling - the Japanese way..

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