Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frankfurt's Giant Bubbles

We all grew up blowing away water bubbles in the air in our childhood. But those were tiny and small that would pop-out after a few seconds. But what if the bubbles are Aladdin's genie size? I am sure these will stop you in your tracks and watch these giant size bubbles slowly and slowing floating in the air stream till finally bubbling out.

As the 3rd of October was a public holiday in Germany, all shops and malls were closed. And there stood a giant bubble maker amusing the rather disappointed tourists who found all the malls closed - leaving them nothing worthwhile to watch. 
So this anonymous bubble maker was there to amuse us and kept us stayed there for sometime seeing his giant size bubbles being made by two long iron sticks and then releasing these into the air where these floated while amusing us.

My sons also watched the bubbles while the Chinese origin tourist girl in front also smiled 

I too was watching and photographing and that is why I was missed out of all the photos I shot of these giant bubbles.
One of the bubbles perfectly floated in front of the Calvin Klein's girl - perhaps to censor her out!!
My wife too (below far left) enjoyed the bubbles - may be she found it nostalgic as children like blowing away water bubbles and she may have been remembering the good old days her of childhood.
This is not all. I captured a short video that I have shared on YouTube and am sharing it down below to add realism to the post:
Well, this is my last post on Frankfurt - as watching the bubbles was our last entertainment of the city. Thereafter we went back to our hotel, packed our stuff for our next destination: Switzerland - my childhood dream was to come true soon!!

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