Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BBQ Tonight

Since Miss Ayesha has started her donkey finding campaign and sealing eatery after eatery for unhygienic conditions, one doesn't really feel like going out and eating - specially the beef or meat stuff.  And perhaps this has become as a good omen for the housewives as their husbands and kids now prefer eating at home rather than going out with 'friends.'

Well this being one of the reasons and my annual ritual of arranging a small BBQ at my home, last night was the night when I had the BBQ tonight right in my home. However, this time, I had only myself, my wife and a son for the party, so we decided to arrange the show on a smaller scale rather than going on the roof top and using the BBQ apparatus.

And for last night, we decided to use our long disused 'angeethi' - a coal-powered domestic stove generally synonymous to Asian countries. Although being coal-fired, it had nothing to do with the Nandi Pur power project, where the coal did not give out any electricity - but here in our case our coal-fired angeethi came to life in a giffy and soon the smell of coal started to fill in the side alley of my house.

 Readying the coal

Soon the coal were red hot and ready for the about a dozen skewers to turn those into freshing cooked aromatic tikkas.

There is no parallel to the aroma of burning coal with meat juices that fell on them adding a unique combination which one cannot smell when going out. Although I was all by myself enjoying the aroma, with my wife occasionally coming out to see how 'things' were being done and seeing what was being done with her Khaddi bag!!

While the coals were being readied or even when the tikkas were put over the coal to be cooked, I was also busy taking photos with my Galaxy S4, including some gif format shots too, which can be seen in this post. So the homemade chef's photography skills were equally being tested mainly for the purpose of this post.

After the entire lot of skewers was done, came the next step - frying a part of the trove into the frying pan with tomatoes, onions and green chilli.

In the gif below, you may be able to see the oil and juice of tikkas bubbling making up the dish into a heavenly food.


And wow - the dish was finally ready and we all devoured it till there was nothing left in it. 

Oh, before I forget, a few words of Khaadi bag I mentioned earlier. Well in the absence of a 'Pankhi or Pakkhi' or the hand held fan to boost up the burning of the coal, I used one of the Khaadi bags as improved Pakkhi - while my wife really felt sorry for the fate of a good bag which could have been used for some other purpose.

Well that was all about the BBQ last night - do you do BBQ at your place too? If not try someday - there is no parallel to homemade tikkas. At least one is sure of the source and the animal!!

Photos credit: All photos including the gif format shots are taken by me. 

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TARIQ said...

Your BBQ experience using an Angethi is indeed very interesting. Mouthwatering presentation towards the end speaks volumes of the perfection of your BBQ skills, recipes and of course beautifully composed pics . Thanks for sharing this wonderful fun.

Jalal HB said...

Thank you for your appreciative comments - and also for reading the post till the end.