Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Eiffel Tower by Night

Although I have finished covering the first phase of my Schengen countries travelogue in my last post - I purposely left out the scenic beauty of the Eiffel Tower at night. While this massive steel structure looks awesome and majestic during the day, it looks spectacularly dreamy and beautiful at night - something that one cannot describe in words. You have to be there to appreciate its beauty at night.
Spotting it for the first time during the day was just like a dream come true. In the morning haze it wasn't as bright as it turned out to be as the day progressed and we had a lot of photos taken from far, from below, from the two levels and finally from its top, watching Paris down below. And I have covered all these many separate posts already.
But we had to come back in the evening to take the last boat ride on the river Seine when the lights of the Eiffel Tower were just about to be switched on and the glow became stronger as we moved away and the evening got darker.
On our way back, I caught a glimpse of the Eiffel, now sufficiently lit while passing under the Pont Alexandre III bridge (photo above and below).
 Finally, the Eiffel Tower comes in full view in its full bloom of illuminations
 My children and wife with Eiffel Tower in the background (above-below)
Spectacular view of Eiffel Tower from the boat, just before disembarking
 I too am finally photographed sitting with my wife
With my family posing at the exit of the boat with Eiffel Tower in the background
But seeing it from the point I saw it for the first time in the morning was something mesmerizing. And by the time we reached the spot, it was already jam packed with tourists taking their last photos of the day with glittering Eiffel in the background.

Now if you view my second photo in the beginning, and then compare it with the photo below, you would know where we're standing for taking rest of the photos and making videos.
The Eiffel Tower stood there with a pitch-dark background and glittering like gold. It was difficult for me to memorize and capture the moment in my memory for ever as I was also taking photographs and making videos.
While watching the lights and getting mesmerized, suddenly the lights started to flash and suddenly the entire tower danced with the moving and flashing light as can be seen in the photo above. But one may not enjoy the still photo to understand what I really saw. But my video down below would simply tell, which I have shared on YouTube:
This is my last post on Paris - maybe someday I will visit this city of lovers again and I will come back to add more what I could not see during the four days that we had in Paris. Have you visited Paris? What makes you remember the city the most? Do share your view. 

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