Friday, August 14, 2015

Special children celebrate the 68th Independence Day of Pakistan their own special way

I was wondering what should I write to express my gratitude to Allah for having brought us independence some 68 years ago from the British Empire. And how should I thank the father of nation Mr Jinnah, a thin fragile and man on the brink of his death, who stood in front of all odds and forced the British to carve out Pakistan as an independent country for the Muslims of British India. It was the his concerted efforts and his colleagues and millions of Muslims who came in rag tag to breathe in the free air of independence on 14 August 1947.

We have come a long way with a chequered history, from zenith of progress to a war of terror imposed on us by countries for their own vested interests. We stand on the crossroads today- a time when the Pakistan Armed Forces are fighting the menace of terrorism and the nation standing behind the men of the nation to support their efforts to ensure a better and progressive peaceful tomorrow. 

Now coming back to my opener - what should I have been writing today. And I came across a fine tribute to celebrate the independence day by some 100 deaf children who for the first time ever in Pakistan's history 'sang' the national anthem in their own special way. And let me tell you that by the time the beautiful national anthem tune ended along with the sign language of the deaf children, I was all tears for I had never experienced the love of those who cannot speak - yet are so expressive both in expression and effort that one really needed to give them a standing ovation.

Watch the video below and you will realise the outburst of my emotions:

Experience the National Anthem Like Never Before!
Experience the National Anthem Like Never Before! For the first time in Pakistan, Deaf students from the Deaf Reach School perform the national anthem in Pakistan Sign Language! Watch this video and share it with your friends on this Independence Day! A Big Thank You to Grassroots Productions for making this possible. Happy Independence Day Everyone! :)
Posted by Deaf Reach on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Long live Pakistan!!

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