Monday, May 25, 2015

Paris Disneyland - A tour of the Disneyland on the Railroad

Visiting the Disneyland in one day is something not possible - I did not say impossible as one can do anything if one wanted too. But doing justice to the Disneyland and its innumerous attractions, rides and places is simply not possible in just one day.

Since we had just one day, we wanted to see as much of it as possible before it got dark and everyone headed for the spectacular night show. Even much before the night show begins, enclosures start to close and everyone is escorted to the Cinderella's Palace where a spectacular sound/music and firework show is hosted.

So we decided to board the famous Railroad of the West and go through some of the important places before hitting the selected few before the nightfall. There was already a long queue of the 'would-be passengers' and we also joined them and it took quite a while to finally board the train. With the typical 'all aboard' call of the guard, the train locks were secured and the journey of the Disneyland commenced with we sitting on the wooden benches and the engine honking every now and then.

 My son above and me and my wife below

Skirting the replica of the Grand Canyon was some experience, specially for the children as they enthusiastically shouted seeing the rock walls and lakes.

We stopped every now and then to disembark some passengers and take in the new ones. Those electing to sit on like us, watched the wooden structures of old railroad stations with lanterns hanging and swaying with the cool breeze that was blowing.

Entering the tunnels was really awesome and exciting. There were replicas of animals and people that once walked around the American Wild West. I tried to take shots, but these got blurry as the tunnels weren't were wide and the objects too close to be focused.

Getting out of the railway station to commence our 'on foot' journey of the Disneyland

So that was it - the railroad seen and traveled, we disembarked at the main station and started our tour of the Disneyland on foot - there was so much to be seen before the midday star studded parade and many rides for my sons. We will continue in our next post. Don't go away!!

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