Thursday, May 7, 2015

Getting old? Eat Walnuts

Nature has created abundance of food for us to be healthy. It will not be wrong to say that each food the Nature has grown has something unique and special for our good health. It is only we who do not try to know what is essential for us at what stage of our life and health.

Take Walnuts for instance. For people who are growing old and have their energies sapping and bones becoming brittle, here is a wonder food God has created for such people - and of course for me too, touching 60 already.

In fact of all the dry fruits, Walnuts top the list for its richness in Omega-3 fatty acids. And we all know that Omega-3 is extremely essential for us to brave effects of aging and remain health and well as we grow in age. Unlike other form of nuts that have high amount of monounsaturated fats, walnuts polyunsaturated fatty acids that is extremely good for our health.

Some of the benefits of Walnuts are as listed below:
  • Walnuts as known as the Brain Food - both for its shape which resembles the human brain but also its ability to keeps one's brain alert and in perfect working condition and thus alleviates all diseases/disorders accruing out of a go-slowing brain in old age.
  • Walnuts keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free
  • Walnuts aid in walking for the elderly
  • Walnuts aid in strengthening of bones and help prevent incidence of osteoporosis
  • Walnuts aid in getting a sound sleep
  • Walnuts aid help prevent asthma and joint pain
  • Walnuts aid strengthening of heart
  • Walnuts also aid in reducing fats and weight
  • Walnuts also improve sperm quality in men by eating as small an amount of 75g daily
  • Walnuts aid in preventing constipation and keeps the intestines from toughening
  • Walnuts keep the kidney stones away and hep the functioning of kidneys
  • Walnuts are good for people with type 2 diabetes and help prevent onset of cancer
The list is a long one - but it goes without saying that if we choose our diet and food correctly, we can keep us health and fit without depending on medicines.

Photo: Pixabay

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