Sunday, December 8, 2013

First-ever Pakistani students' conference in Germany

Mr. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to the Republic of Germany addressing the conference

A large students from Pakistan go to universities all over the world to acquire additional and advanced learning. Germany is one of the most attractive places which is selected by many students from Pakistan as their destination of advanced learning.

However, despite the presence of a sizeable Pakistan students' community in Germany, there has never been a exclusive Pakistani student conference ever held anywhere in Germany. Although, Pakistani students have been attending such conferences arranged by other countries, they always felt to have a conference arranged for them by the Pakistani embassy in Germany, so that they could too talk about Pakistan with students of other nationalities and project the good name of their country.
My son Wahaab sitting on floor second from the left - while Mr Rana Ali President PSA Kiel sits on the floor 
in the centre (wearing shalwar kameez with yellow shawl) along with rest of the members of PSA
Mr Rana Ali, President Pakistan Student Association (PSA), Kiel University, Germany has been cognizant of this void and has been very active recently in pursuing his case with the Pakistan embassy.

Participants of the Pakistani students' conference with Pakistani ambassador to Germany

And his efforts finally bore fruits and just last night, Saturday 7 December, an impressive First-ever Pakistani student conference was held in the city of Kiel at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

Pakistani students from all over Germany made it a point to reach the conference and some even came from as far away as Berlin, located extreme down south of Germany. 
In the cultural show German female students, clad in Pakistani dress, also joined in the dance by the Pakistani students
The overarching theme of the Conference was: “Bridging the gaps – meeting the challenges”. H.E. Mr. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to the Republic of Germany was the Chief Guest on this occasion. The Day long conference was followed by a Pakistan Cultural Evening whereby Instrumental music was played beside display of posters/video. At the end, Pakistani cuisines were served to all participants. 

My younger son Wahaab Jalal Bhatti who has also gone to Kiel to do his masters in IT attended the conference and was praiseworthy of the efforts of the Pakistani students community of Kiel and the Pakistani embassy in Germany for arranging such a wonderful event.

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