Monday, April 29, 2013

Veterans celebrate 38th re-union at Abbottabad

It was 38 years ago that over 200 young men, mostly in their teens from many cities and villages from across Pakistan descended on the soil of Abbottabad and joined the Pakistan Military Academy to  realize their dreams of joining the Pakistan Army. Many of these young men made it to the profession of arms and served all arms and services of Pakistan for varying time periods owing to service and rank requirements and faded away in history.

As of now, of those 179 who passed out with 55 PMA Long Course, a few two and three stars continue to serve their country ad the Army with pride and diginity.

Abbottabad once again heard the familiar footstep of some fifty plus of once young men, now with grey hair, accompanied with their families and grand children flocking Abbottabad for a two day reunion and celebrate those two years they spent in the Pakistan Military Academy from 1975-77.


A grand dinner was arranged in the Piffers Mess which was followed by a brilliant performance of the Piffers Band. The veterans danced on the tunes of the band. Thereafter, they all settled down in the lush green lawns of the Piffers Mess and reminisce memories of the bygone days.

The next day the entire lot got together at the Piffers Gold Course where besides golf for the veterans and putting competition for the ladies and children, a beautiful display of Khattack and Balochi dances was arranged followed by a magnificent band display.

The reunion ended with a hefty brunch and a group photograph. While we all departed Abbottabad  our minds were full of the events of some 38 years back which we feel happened just yesterday. Time passages very soon - leaving behind the nostalgia of the days spent together no matter how harsh or rigorous.

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Asghar Javed said...

Thanks for such a breather. I missed it.

Jalal HB said...

You seemingly made no effort to be there - Be there next time. Cheers