Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top 10 Weight Losing Tips

OK Look who is talking - me who has started to put on weight and has done nothing so far. But it really hurts when your clothes start to tell you that they are no more yours and that you either visit a tailor for new outfits or else get on the jogging track to be in shape again.

Yes the reality is one must keep in shape to live a healthy life and cling to one's lovable wardrobe. Getting new clothes stitched to suit to your new body contours is not the answer. So if you are obese, you must get into shape by walking away from computer chair more often, running a few blocks and taking stairs instead of that inviting escalator  and feel lighter and happier.

But yet still, there is lot more you can do to remain in shape - but no dieting please. Here are some tips the wise guys around the world profess - we only need to pay head to their experience and apply it on our badly shaped figures and make take these to times when they looked good on us.

Here we go:
  • Before losing weight, buy a weighing machine and weigh yourself every morning before breakfast. This would keep reminding you how much you have done, and 'how much more' you need to do. Remember the DO MORE thing?
  • Never workout a fitness plan all by yourself - always pick a friend: 'A like minded One' - the one who too needs to be in shape. Together you two can work it out when jogging or even walking. A partner means a motivation to move on despite odds, which while being alone means cutting back daily allowance of exercise and coming back home early.
  • And coupled with waling (brisk walking I mean) and jogging, stretch out yourself daily. Simple stretching exercise while lying down flat on the floor add more to your shape. However, remember ot do these exercise as per your body ability. In case of back pain, you have to consult a doctor before trying stretching exercises.
  • Eat good food - full in energy and lesser in fats. Sugars and chocolate biscuits are easy to eat - but these silently add much more than you may imagine. One chocolate biscuit means 400 calories - you eat 3-4 biscuits and you are already done up with your day's calories needs.

  • Drink lot of water - well this is what doctors stress on but we ignore this simple weight reducing technique. Drink more water in the morning and gradually reduce it. Do not drink lots of water at night. Regulate your water therapy and watch the water wonder working.
  • Eat fish, eggs and poultry - and did I miss oatmeal? Well Oatmeal is a good filler and can be a good late night 'snack' rather than chips and fried stuff we innocently take out of the freezer and fry and eat.
  • Take multivitamins to regain your lost energy if you redesign your eating habits.Also do not forget to take high EPA/DHA fish oil - this will help you shed fat - real fast. 
  • And do not miss out green tea - Chinese drink green tea, without sugar, throughout the day. This balances out your metabolism and help in reducing fats.
  • Replace your cooking oil with olive oil - extra virgin olive oil is best to reduce weight as other cooking oils add dirty fats to your body.
  • And for God sake do not get new clothes stitched - have the determination to wear these once again as your body comes back to shape.
I am starting all this from this day right on - when are you?

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Felix Lee said...

These are all great and simple tips. Additional to this is lots and lots of discipline. It takes a lot of determination and will power to do these weight loss tips.

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