Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painters of Pakistan - Shahid Rana' Islamic Calligraphy

Sadequain was no doubt the pioneer of Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan, who not only made countless fans and followers in Pakistan but the world over as well. Though he departed from us just at the age of 57, the candle he lighted continues to spread light as more and more painters, artists and calligraphers are turning towards Islamic calligraphy.

Many consider calligraphic marvels as just wall hangings - but for me who have seen Sadequain painting from very close quarters, these not only have ornamental value, but also provide a chance to remember verses from Quran by heart. An Ayet-ul-Qursi calligraphy once painted by elder brother Zaffar, whom I mentioned in earlier post about Sadequain, helped me remember the Ayet-ul-Qursi by heart as whenever I walked past it, I would recite it by seeing and then a time came when I could recited it without seeing it at all.

Ayet ul Qursi pained by Shahid Rana

This is the true value of Islamic calligraphy, which has gained an impetus after Sadequain introduced it it in Pakistan.
Shahid Rana

Of the many calligraphers painting verses from the Holy Quran, I came across Shahid Rana on Facebook, who is following the legacy of Sadequain by painting verses from the Holy Quran so beautifully that instantly attract art lovers - although he has his own style and expression. It seems to me that his favourite colour is red and its varying shades as can be seen from the artwork shared here.

His brush strokes are expressively even and his choice of colours is simply eye catching.  I too was immediately attracted towards his artwork and calligraphy and appreciate Mr Rana for his contribution to the art and calligraphy in Pakistan.

I am sharing some of his artwork which he has shared on Facebook and I am sure you would appreciate his devotion and love for the art of calligraphy.

Surah Yaseen is considered to be the heart of the Holy Quran and Shahid has painted this Aya very thoughtfully and professionally. The verses are seen oozing out of the word Yaseen as if the going directly to one's heart. See it below:

His calligraphic artwork have been displayed many times in Lahore art galleries attracting large number of visitors, appreciating his art work and devotion to Islamic calligraphy.

Although calligraphy seems to be Shahid's passion, he also paints portraits, and other form of paintings. I have only shared some of his very expressive and eye catching artwork here. His complete collection can be viewed on his Facebook page.

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