Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This evening will never come again


The title of this post is based on one of my photos shared on Flickr - taken on 5th September some years ago: a day which was a milestone of my life. A day when my entire life changed from one complexion to a completely different one.

Evening Reflections

Such events come in everyone's life when at the end of the day, one has to face to a different life and challenges one never think of in one's life as youth has its own vigour and dynamics that does not let one think of the time that finally arrives in one's life - a part of our lives which leaves behind so much and so much to face that awaits us ahead.

Chasing the setting sun

Sapped of one's strengths and vigour, facing a new  life is much more difficult and an uphill task which becomes rougher and tougher everyday that passes by. 

Sun Set

And then people like me take their cameras and capture the setting sun every now and then, just thinking of that evening that changed every thing - an evening never to come again. 

Golden Good Bye

Through this post I am sharing many such evenings that would never come again, like that special evening of my life that I talked at the beginning of my post.

This evening will never come again

This was the photo I took on that fateful day of my life as the sun hid behind an overcast sky and disappeared taking with it my three decades long memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

You will realize each evening though shot differently and from different angles, perspectives and places, have the same melancholy and sadness hidden in them. It is only a blessing that we live to live yet another day - yet another sunset, till life fades away....

Another Day Gone with this Sunset

All photos above are taken by me and appear on Flickr (Jalalspages)  - These may not be used without prior permisson
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Shirazi said...

Wonderful photographs. And yes, powerful title.