Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Morning - Subh Bekhair

Good Morning
Good Morning by Jalal HB [Flickr]

Life is full of beautiful things: soft sunset,pointed Rainbow, dedicate blossoms,love & laughter, Quiet moments & fantastic people like U & ME.
Good Morning!!

Well this was just one SMS of many that I very often receive, specially in the mronings, so I thought of sharing something about Good Morning or Subh Bekhair in Urdu meaning the same thing - Good Morning.

Here is something more to Good Morning!!

Good Morning is one of the famous songs of the Beatles that was included in 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - perhaps the last album of the Beatles marketed in 1967. There are animal noises in the beginning and end of the song - but that of a rooster is prominent which many say is the nature's way of saying good morning.

I bought this LP in a double jacketed cover from Hall Road Lahore in early 70s for Rs. 75. Although the records in that time cost Rs.40, but due to its double jacket, though with a single LP, it cost  35 bucks extra.

Good Morning was a 1959 Japanese film - it was about two boys who began a silence strike to press their parents to buy them a television set. Well, TV may now seem just one of the many gadgets and electronic devices which is found almost in every house. But back in the 50s, it was rare commodity - and it came to our country only in 1964.

To the surprise of many, except the weight lifters, Good Morning is weight lifting exercise too. 

The movement resembles bowing to greet someone "good morning". The erector spinae muscles of the lower back work isometrically to keep the spine in an extended position while the hamstrings and gluteus maximus work isotonically to perform hip extension. Other muscles are involved in stabilizing weight on the back and maintaining balance. (Wikipedia)

So it is good morning to all my readers and friends and for that matter anyone reading this post till this end - may you have a wonderful day today and everyday.

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Shirazo said...

Loved this wakhri type of Good Morning. Thanks for sharing this light thing to enjoy.

Jalal HB said...

Thanks SAJS - I wish you had listened to Beatles