Monday, July 23, 2012

Scenic Maho Dand Lake attracts tourists this summer in Kalam Valley, Swat

Swat, once tourists haven, which had under the grip of militants awhile ago, has lost its galore and a tourist attraction as no one wanted to be entrapped in a militancy hit area. 

However, thanks to the efforts of the Pakistan Army, which with the assistance of the locals, not only defeated the militants and cleared the area of these armed miscreants, but has also brought back the once hustle and bustle of tourists which it was famous for centuries. Now the business which had almost reached a dead end is started to flourish again as tourists are thronging Swat to beat the heat off as temperatures are rising in the plains.

Recently, a tourist festival was held at the scenic Maho Dand [dand in local language means a lake], located some 35 kilometers from Kalam. Mahodand Lake can be best described as an artistic endowment of nature, where the unspoiled natural beauty mingles with serenity and calmness. The festival was arranged by the local Pakistan Army commander with the assistance of the civil administration and tourism department.

Watch the video below and see tourists enjoying at the Maho Dand in the Kalam Valley of Swat:

The holding of such festivals is likely to bring back the life to Swat, where life and livelihood of locals entirely hinges on the tourists. Do visit Swat, specially Maho Dand lake, you will be spellbound and cherish its memories forever.

Video Published on Jul 21, 2012 at YouTube - shared with Courtesy