Monday, July 16, 2012

The 'Rocky' Food

You may have gone to many eateries to devour your favourites foods or else may have been attracted to places where food is presented in such a way that is not only mouth watering but irresistible too. 

Today I am sharing photos of such 'food' which looks so attractive that one really appreciates those who have so tastefully decorated the dishes that one cannot but simply admire the aesthetics of the 'chefs' for their tastefulness.

See each photo very carefully and at the end of the last dish, I will tell you how these dishes have been made and what are their 'ingredients.'

Did not each of the dish look tastefully decorated and aesthetically presented? You would surely agree that it does. But do you think that something is unusual about these dishes? Can you guess what it is? You may look closely once again

These is actually no real edible food on this table! All dishes are actually made up entirely of rocks that look like food. Rocks that had me fooled - and may be you!!

Source: Funzug