Monday, May 21, 2012

Noah's Ark in Hong Kong

While the remains of actual Noah's Ark rest in obscurity probably on Mt. Ararat, Turky, the travellers and tourists and residents of Hong Kong get to see the huge wooden boat resting on their sea shore.

Noah's Ark in Hong Kong [Photo: Barcroft Media / Mail Online]
Measuring 450 feet long and 75 feet wide, the Thomas, Walter and Raymond's land-bound Ark equals the same dimensions on the  Biblical scale. To make the boat look like the original, 67 pairs of animals at the entrance have been placed, just like the pairs of creatures saved from the Great Flood by Noah in the Bible tale.

The boat in Hong Kong, a creationist-inspired vessel forms part of a theme park near Hong Kong which was inspired by a young girl's scrawled drawing of the mammoth boat.

Architects appear to have used some artistic licence in parts of the Ark - for instance including double-glazed windows, a fine dining restaurant and luxurious bedrooms. Inside, real-life exotic animals can be found - including a nautilus, a toucan and reams of fish.

The Ark opened in May 2009, 17 years after plans were first mooted for the enormous structure. The Ark also boasts less authentic Biblical touches such as double-glazed windows and a fine dining restaurant

So if you are planning a visit to the South East Asia, do inlcude a stop over in Hong Kong and stay a night out at this unique place, which is an architect's innovation and a billionaire brothers brainchild.

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