Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pakistan vs England - Now its ODIs from 13 February

The ongoing cricket between Pakistan and England in Dubai has reinvigorated spirits of Pakistan team as well as distant spectators in Pakistan as the complete whitewash of the World Number 1 England hasn't been an easy feat to accomplish. Although, this is Pakistan's 5th whitewash in a series consisting of 3 or more matches, it's Pakistan's first whitewash ever against England.

While each member of the team shares the mammoth victory in the test series over England, it is the two spinners, Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rehman, who completely baffled the English batsmen and sent them packing to pavilion one after the other. 

The superb performance of Younis and Azhar must be made mention of who have added galore to the fine work of spinners and have made tremendous contribution in making the on-going cricket between Pakistan and England memorable. Misbah has also emerged as a successful captain, whose leadership has kept the team united, cohesive and spirited.

With the 3-0 test series win, Pakistan has reached 108 points in test rankings and is now just 3 points short of claiming the 3rd place in the international ranking. away from 3rd spot. But the road is too dusty and difficult ahead. Unless Pakistan ensures not to let out its present steam, it can be assured of moving upward and claim the a honour of being in the first three soon.

The ODIs that start from tomorrow, 13 February 2012, are also important for Pakistan. Unlike test matches, ODIs demand extreme concentration, lively batting, quick runs and extensive boundary shots. It is in this battle of wits that one may lose wickets, unless batsmen are very clear in their handling of each ball. Shahid Afridi is back into the team and much is expected of him, both as a batsman and a bowler. His bowling should augment that of Ajmal and Rehman to make quick dismissals. While he is also expected to contribute extensively in his batting abilities to provide enormous edge over the Brits. 

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