Monday, February 6, 2012

Cricket: World Number 1 humiliated at Dubai

The 3-0 win the three test matches series by Pakistan humiliates world number 1 England with the final win by 71 runs by Pakistan in Dubai today. 

Pakistan having won the first two test matches had to face a stunning blow by the English spinners on the first day of the 3rd test match at Dubai when Pakistan was dismantled for mere 99 runs. Many thought that England had avenged Pakistani spinners by striking back. Many also thought that the 3rd test match may not see the fourth day and Pakistan might be subdued.

[ Jubilant Pakistani bowlers and losing English batsmenPhotos: Cricinfo]

But when England came to bat, they were thoroughly roughed by Pakistani bowlers and were all back in pavilion for 141. Then came Pakistan and were straightaway under pressure when toe openers were hurriedly packed up by the Brits. It was Younis and Azhar who put Pakistan in a commanding position and both hit centuries, first of their kind since the first test match of the present series. Younis's 127 and azhar's 157 added a tall target fr England to chase. Though the Englishmen thought it was chasable and doable.

Today, however, things changed rapidly- Umar Gul struck hard and so did Saeed Ajmal and both took four wickets each. Abdur Rehamn was on the heels and took the remaining two wickets to send world number one packing with 71 runs still remaining.

Today's victory of Pakistan also is historical: Since 1907, there has been no team which had scored less than 100 in the first innings and still won the test. Today's match will be remembered in the annals of test history for dozens of wickets falling in succession and a much lower ranking cricket team (Pakistan is number 5) humiliating world number 1 with a complete whitewash.

Now we wait for the ODIs, the first one to start on 13 February. The ODIs are going to be more fun than the test matches - with an injured English squad taking on jubilant Pakistan. We will meet on 13th.