Monday, February 6, 2012

50 Most Popular Travel Destinations

World is full of places that are tourist friendly, best suited for holidaying and relaxing. These however vary from person to person and groups to groups keeping in view individual or group tastes, likes, budget, affordability and ease of reach. 

Generally tourists and travelers love to be at places which are easily accessible with least requirements of pre-arrangement and expenses. But there are some who would like a degree of adventurism added as an extra serving. But despite all hassles and affordability issues, a large number of people from around the globe continue to travel, go places mostly known and beaten to enjoy holidays or take a time off to take a break.

Funzug has compiled an infographic of 50 destinations from around the world that are most popular and liked. See if your loved places are included herein under - you may talk about it if it is not there and proffer comments and inviting discussion from like minded friends.

50 Most Popular Travel Destinations In The World

[ Source: Funzug ]