Saturday, January 21, 2012

Live, Travel and sail in your New 'Home'

How would you like to have a modern, futuristic and luxurious 'home', in which you can live, travel and even sail? 

Well, if you have $3 million to spare, let me tell you how !!

The German company Marchi Mobile has a novel idea of modern house that moves and even sails with you. Palazzo is a motorhome – on wheels.

Palazzo: For 'paltry' $3 million, you can live, travel and sail in your technology intensive future home
With extravagant bedrooms, full-size bathrooms, a sitting area, and a roof deck, the Palazzo could be a serious replacement for every place that you live.

There are even different versions that can be used as shuttles or promotional vehicles. The home version featured here starts at the discount price of $3 million. But with only five built per year, you will not have to worry about pulling up next to another one at a stop light.

Read more / view slide show for details on Palazzo: Business Insider
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