Friday, December 16, 2011

Rohtas, a Lion's Fort - a Comprehensive Research on this Formidable Fort

Dr. Nayyar Hashmey explores how a formidable fort was constructed on the orders of a mighty emperor Sher Shah Suri or the Lion King of Sur. Sher Shah Suri had a flare for building roads, rest houses, water wells and forts. His famous marvel of a road from Afghanistan to India, now known as the Grand Trunk Road was a feat of its own kind, keeping in view its length, studded with rest houses along with wells for the caravans travelling on the road.

He also built a massive fort near the city of Jhelum, a city famous for the historic crossing of the River Jhelum by Alexander the Great. The Rohtas Fort, a fort with massive bastions and double lined high rising walls still stands the test of centuries due to its superior architecture and construction. 

Rohtas Fort as photographed by me (Pakistanpaedia)

I as an ordinary student of history visited Rohtas sometime back and wrote my own account of the fort " Rohtas - 0 kilometer" in my website on Pakistan. The post carries photographs taken by me of its various architectural angles that were awe inspiring.

For those who want a comprehensive survey and study of the fort, I would urge them to read the one by Dr Nayyer Hashmey, which accidantly caught my eye.

Link for the study: Rohtas - a Lion's Fort