Thursday, December 29, 2011

Packing tips with climate needs in mind

The success of any travel depends mainly on how best prepared, equipped and clothed you are for the country or countries being traveled to, the weather at the time of the year and the degree of sociability. And if traveling also includes outdoor adventures, like trekking, mountaineering, fishing and all other forms of outdoor activities, the baggage gets heavier.

Although, for those who have heavy purses, clothing and other requirements don't matter much as these can be purchased off the shelf as and when needed, it is for the budget-constraint travelers that packing the right stuff assumes added importance.

Whether you're headed for a tropical isle or a snow-packed mountain, LA Times has some useful suggestions for making your suitcase situation simpler, lighter and cheaper. Read the full post to be wiser on issues like clothing, footwear, health and activities related issues.

One added thing that has assumed more importance for the travelers are the electronic gadgets, like the laptop, camcorders, cameras, special lenses (for professional photographers). Once these are taken, issues like battery charging / power supply variances, storage and data transfer cables may come up, which may not be available at destination sites.

You may not need to carry (or rent) a GPS if you're taking your tablet; some have excellent built-in GPS systems that can talk you through your map dilemmas.  A tablet with a portable Bluetooth keyboard can also fill in for your laptop. 
If point discussed above and the ones in the full story at LA Times are given due cognizance, you'll not only save space by having fewer gadgets but also won't need to haul around a trunk-load of charging cords and many other items that are cheaply and easily available.