Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The awe-inspiring and overwhelming mountains of Pakistan

I have been sharing some of the spectacular and remarkable mountain photography of of landscape and mountains of Pakistan. Today this post of mine brings to you another set of some of the most overwhelming and awe inspiring mountain photography of our country. The post is perfectly timed when the cold winter winds are whistling past in the plains and the mountains up in the north of Pakistan are receiving dozens of inches of snow. Hats off to those photographers, who leave the comfort of cozy rooms and wander into the snow clad mountains with sub-zero temperature to preserve the beautiful nature for us.

These photos have been taken and shared by Rizwan Siddique, a photographer for the last 15 years, roaming in the northern areas of Pakistan. Rizwan says:
My fascination for mountains and landscape has come from my love of K2 that inspired me to photograph of mountains in harsh and challenging environment. It’s my deep desire to photograph major mountains of Pakistan in order to promote tourism and mountaineering. I am a lifelong student of nature so it’s my goal to photograph all above seven thousand meter peaks from various angles.
The photographs used in one of my previous posts ‘20 Hidden Peaks of Karakoram” were also by Rizwan Siddique. But the photographs in this post are different, awesome and imposing, which would really stop you in your tracks and admire the beautiful nature and Rizwan too for his splendid photographic skills to catch the nature for us – something never to be forgotten.

His first photo about Skardu is a unique one. One may have heard of deserts in plains but never at the foothills of 18,000 feet high snow covered mountains. Skardu Valley is one such place which is carpeted with fine ash white sand through which greenish blue in winter; grey as tarnished silver in summer, the Indus snakes lazily between wind-ribbed sand dunes - a phenomenon almost unique in the world.

Broad Peak 8051m - Baltoro Muztagh,Range,Karakoram

Another breath-taking view of the Broad Peak – overlooked by a dreamy moon
Gasherbrum IV 7925m( extreme left) G III 7952m ( center) G II 8035m (Right)
Spectacular view of Gasherbrum V 7,147m and Twin Peak 6,882m

And finally the K2 - the second highest peak after Everest. K2 stand 8,611m tall and the highest of the Karakoram Range

It would be worthwhile if this post is read in conjunction with my earlier posts on Karakoram for more information as some of these mountain peaks rank among the Eight Thousanders of the world.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful mountains, artfully photographed. The photographer needs to be commended for his professional camera handling skills.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed beautiful photos

Shirazi said...

Loved this post. Images speak so much more.