Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Travel Pakistan: Fort Oblivion

Full Story shared at Logic is Variable by Syed Asghar Javed Shirazi

Ramkot Fort across the Mangla Lake
Fort Oblivion - the name sounds strange, but it goes very well with the actual fort located in wilderness across Mangla Lake. Ramkot Fort, forgotten by time and human beings since the construction of Mangla Dam, was once part of an important triangle of three forts: Ramkot Fort, Mangla Fort and Rohtas Fort. While the latter two still attract visitors, being close to roads, Ramkot Fort due to its inaccessibility is only found in history books.

To go to Ramkot Fort, one may have to request for speed boats of Mangla Army Sports Cub, as the fort is located on the far bank of Mangla Lake if viewed from the Mangla Fort. One may not venture going out in a rowing boat , which may take the entire day to reach this desolate fort, which is now only visited by avid travelers and historians. Otherwise bats abode the fort during day and fly over the fort giving it a Draculaen look.

Salman Rashid, author of Fort Oblivion,  describes travel to Ramkot Fort in following beautiful words:
"A solitary shoveller, alarmed byour fast approaching speed-boat, scudded the still blue waters of Mangla Reservoir on strong, fast wings with my gaze tied to its tail. And even as wegained on it, it was clear of the water and winging swiftly away from us ingraceful flight. I, the conservationist, could even feel the surge of the bird’s adrenalin extend itself to my body as I marvelled at the sheer beauty and power of its take-off and the elegance of its flight angling off to the right."
Read Full Story of Fort Oblivion - by Salman Rashid, shared at Logic is Variable by Syed Asghar Javed Shirazi