Friday, September 9, 2011

World's tallest fountain

These days there is a race for constructing "world's tallest" building, fountains and towers. The race is mostly in the Arab states in the Persian Gulf. While recently there has been announced of constructing the world's tallest tower, after the one in Dubai, few would know that the world's tallest fountain is also located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The King Fahd Fountain, located in the Saudi port city of Jeddah is so far the highest fountain in the world. When throwing water up towards the sky, the water reaches some 1023 feet - much above the French Eiffel Tower (excluding antennas installed above the tower). For the operation of this massive water thrower, three powerful motors have been installed to force some 625 litres of water from the Red Sea up into the air at an amazing gushing speed of 375 kilometers per hour.
The fountain was formally inaugurated in 1985 and is a centre of attraction for all visitors and tourist to the Saudi port city. To illuminate the water fountain, some 500 lights have been installed so that the entire height of the water thrust could be seen from miles apart. It is said that at any given point, the water weighs almost 8 tons - that is some weight, wont you agree?
Since the sea water is used in the fountain, a large number of filters and screens have been installed to filter the salty water and clean it from any marine life and other under sea stones and other materials so that these do not obstruct the flow of water at such a high speed. Special stain less steel alloy has been used to avoid corrosion due to the salty water.
The fountain has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you happen to be vising Jeddah, do not forget to watch this monumental fountain - lest you miss out a rare sight of a lifetime.

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