Thursday, June 16, 2011

The hair-raising deadly journey to Chitral

Ask anyone where Chitral is, and one may get a blank look since this land of Tirich Mir and the Kafirs, people of the lost world, is obscured behind the Lowari Top, which due to its inaccessibility generally keeps the tourist and holiday makers at bay. But those who dare to venture and reach out to Chitral Valley, find themselves in a different world - overlooked by the mighty Tirich Mir, standing at a height of 7,692 metres as part of the Hindu Kush mountain range, and located in the far reaches of Pakistan. 

Chitral is also famous for the Shandur Festival, which is held each year and where polo is played at the highest polo ground of the world at a height of 3,719 metres. The beauty of Chitral lies as much in its rustic, mountainous terrain, as in its warm hearted and friendly inhabitants. Since it is a land high up in the mountains, at such places legends fascinate the on lookers. One such legend describes Chitral as an abode of genies and fairies in times when no one lived here and locals still look up to the Tirich Mir, which they believe still has the castle of fairies.

But to reach Chitral by road is a feat in itself - a test of one's extreme driving skills, determination, guts and resolve to reach the destination. The road becomes muddy and slippery when snow melts. The famous 45 road bends are the most dangerous part of the journey to the land of fairy tales like people of Kafir Kalash and the awesome Tirich Mir that over looks the Chitral Valley. 

The following video tells all:


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