Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse Video – 21 December 2010

Fianlly the eclipse appeared starting at 7:41 GMT. Despite being in shadow, the moon did not become invisible as there was still residual light deflected by atmosphere. Most of the refracted light was in the red spectrum and thus made the moon turn reddish, coppery or orange, sometimes even brownish. Since it was a full moon, the sight of it being changing colours was awesome, dazzling and a memorable event for the skygazers. The Icelanders were lucky to see the full glowing moon in its varying shades during the eclipse. Saevar Heigl, the chairamn of Iclelandic Amateur Astronomical Society was jubilant, "We could not be happier with weather here - a clear sky is ideal as you can see it. I am always in awe seeing that big red moon hanging over us."

The above video was shot with an Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom. Clips begin just prior to totality and conclude while the moon is in totality.

Video Courtesy: WindowsObserver (YouTube)

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