Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tattoo Show

Tattoo Show

Many won’t know what a Tattoo Show is, since the word tattoo has now been limited to tattooing on human bodies. The real Tattoo Shows are in fact a display of massive work of art performed with brightly lit torches, which were once the hallmark and a prime entertainment feature of the armed forces around the world. Over hundred performers exhibit dozens of combinations with the torches which presents a spectacular show at night. However, this should not be tried by individuals or untrained hands as handling burning torches can be very dangerous and can cause burn injuries.

This photograph was shot in Abbottabad, Pakistan on 12th April night 2008- to commemorate a 33 years long association of friendship, comradeship and dignity. The show lasting over an hour was their lives first for the many visitors present that day. Such events are very rare to witness and even rarer to forget.

I first saw a tattoo show at Fortress Stadium, Lahore during the Annual Horse and Cattle Show, when I was a small kid. The Horse and Cattle Show at Lahore was once a very lively, spectacular and interesting event to mark the arrival of spring in Lahore. However, over a period of time, the event has faded away in the history, leaving behind its beautiful memories.

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TARIQ said...

Tattoo show was one of the highlights of the most memorable get together of 55th PMA organised by bro Ghazanfar with great passion. Tattoo show at fortresses stadium Lahore happens to be a cherished memory from my own childhood days as well. Hope this wonderful tradition of our armed forces is revived soon. Perhaps Taliban terrorism agitates against restoration of such fun activities.