Friday, September 3, 2010

Time is NOW!!

Somehow our lives have become rather mechanical and artificial. Early morning we go to work, work like a donkey, come back late in the evening tired after a hard day’s work (reminds me of A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles), dump ourselves on the bed and sleep like a dead horse till next morning to do the same chores again. This is the life we live. We make new acquaintances at our work only as a compulsion to boost our business or work assignments – and in the process forget our close relations, who keep waiting for us every day.

Yes I am talking of our parents, wife and kids, siblings and those who really do care for us, for whom we have no time. And if the spouse also happens to be working, both partners come home so worn out, that they can’t even sit together and watch a favourite TV show or even reminisce memories of our better past. Or sit with the children; ask them what they did in the school or anything that they want to tell us. We also forget to say more than a hello to an aging couple sitting lonely in a side a room – who reared us all along their lives with all the love they could shower on us. You guessed right, I am talking of our aging parents. They also want a small share from our lives since that’s all they have in whom they invested their lives.

And when people around us start leaving us for their heavenly abodes, do we realize how much we wanted to share our lives with them. But perhaps it is too late then. We don’t even pick up a phone to say hello to a relative we haven’t met since long. Time is now that when we have everyone around us to share our lives with them – share the love we all need from each other. Let it not be late than today, for tomorrow is too far and uncertain.


phw said...

Very impressive blog !!!Its a huge collection of information regarding everything. Keep posting.

Jalal HB said...

Thank you phw!!