Friday, September 17, 2010

How to be healthy – do it the nature’s way

Many people abhor perspiration – especially in summers when the tiny droplets of water appear all over the body. For people like me who perspire more than others, it becomes very difficult to cleanse the exposed body parts from these foul smelling droplets. A majority of us use different deodorants and talcum powders to arrest the formation of the perspiration or at least defeat that unbearable smell oozing out of it. But there is a warning for those who use deodorants to address the issue – rather this may very serious consequences. I will tell you a little later.

First of all we need to realize that everything that nature has created is with a purpose. Sometimes back I read a research paper that attributed our health, especially for people living in rural areas, to those ugly looking creatures – the vultures. Vultures play a dominant role in scavenging the last bit of meat from a dead animal, lest bacteria develops into it and it spreads harmful effects in the environment, that may cause many diseases in man and animals.

Likewise the human body. It expels harmful toxins and germs from the body when we sneeze. As per a rough estimate, millions of harmful germs are expelled from our body when we sneeze. Many people try to arrest a sneeze so as not to be labeled as uncivilized. But ever considered the force with which you sneeze. And now consider the backlash effect when you try not to sneeze. So next time you get this involuntary impulse coming to you, sneeze as hard as you can to expel those harmful germs (but remember to cover your mouth with a handkerchief so as not shower the entire corps of germs right on the head of the bald man sitting in front of you in the cinema).

The same is true for yawning. While many consider it as a sign of fatigue and a cue to hit the bed, the Nature has it for us for some good reasons too. Technically speaking, a yawn is the reflex opening of the mouth followed by the deep inhalation and slow exhalation of oxygen. The yawn induces sudden intake of oxygen that increases one’s heart rate and also rids the lungs and the bloodstream of the carbon dioxide buildup, and forces oxygen through blood vessels in the brain, while restoring normal breathing and ventilating the lungs. And the outcome – you feel rather alerted and fresh. Don’t you? So yawn heartily as it occurs naturally to you, but don’t forget to cover your mouth with a handkerchief or your hand, lest you want to expose your bad blackened teeth to the others.

There is yet another theory about yawning. Jennifer Viegas in her post is of the opinion that we yawn to cool our brains. Do read more about it.

Oh I just forgot - I was to tell you about perespiration. Since I somewhat detracted from the issue by adding some additional health related issues, wait for my nest post – I will deliberate on perspiring and the harmful effects of deodorants - that is  a promise.