Friday, September 10, 2010

China – A friend indeed

I have been writing a number of posts these days on the devastating floods in Pakistan – but then this is “the” issue concerns us here the most at the moment. So readers of my blog are requested to bear with me for a while.

And when someone is in distress, he comes to know who one’s real friend is. And yes it has shown us too. While almost 177 governments across the globe have pledged to help Pakistan, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USA as major donor countries, China stands out differently. Not only China is assisting Pakistan in every way it can, it is the people of China who have also shown their closeness to their Pakistani brethren.

A few days back, a Chinese lady donated $200,000 personally for the her brothers and sisters in Pakistan. And that is just one example. I was reading today in one of the newspapers that local governments, NGOs and philanthropists across China are actively participating in donation collection. The mayor of Beijing has donated $50,000 to Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority, and thus becoming Islamabad’s first foreign sister city to come forward with this generous donation. China’s Red Cross Society has also chipped in $50,000, followed by All China Women Federation which is providing RMB 50,000.

The Chinese entrepreneurs have also stepped forward for their share in relief work and assistance. The Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources has pledged RMB 1 million. The Broad Union Investment Management Group has pledges RMB 1.3 million. The governments of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Sichunn Province have donated RMB 600,000 in their effort to help the flood victims of Pakistan.

These are just some of the figures available, but the reports says that one can feel real sympathy of Chinese people towards Pakistan in this hour of distress and everyone seems to be making every effort to come forward and help.

This is the practical manifestation of the “A friend in need, is a friend indeed” we read in our early schooling.