Monday, August 9, 2010

Good news for bloggers

Everyone seems to love blogs these days and a vast majority of internet users express their ideas and aspirations through their personal blogs. And so do I and am always for a lookout for forums that allow bloggers a wider audiance . Recently, I came to a classic blogging site that is unique in its approach and mindset. Yes I am talking of YouSayToo, which provides the bloggers a platform to add their blogs, post their writings and thus become part of a larger community to share and exchange views, thus promoting their blogs.

And for those who want to earn money on line, they can receive compensation for some of their posts. Also Revenue Sharing programme helps to earn more from the Adsense account. Those with a kind heart can also donate their earned money for a cause, which the YouSayToo gladly facilitates.

YouSayToo is not only about blogging, it has a much larger sphere of activities of helping out its community. If for example you are looking for cheap and reasonable living, YouSayToo takes you to HUD apartments for rent, a social programme meant to assisting people of low income group and help finding a reasonable apartment. The programme is best suited for overseas students with meager financial resources and families that cannot afford expensive apartments.

And those who love luxurious life style and often go for holidaying in the warm waters of Dubai, there are good news. A unique US $ 350 million 7-star 28 floor Aperiron new hotel Dubai project is being undertaken inside the sea. With its 438 luxury suites, it will have everything that one’s imagination can explore. The underwater restaurant will provide a clearer view of the beautiful marine life of the lagoon, while the top two floors will have a temperature controlled butterfly jungle.

For game lovers and flash games designers, here is a forum to upload and share their games for a wider game lovers community. And while hosting your own game, you can find hundreds of games from game lovers like you to play.

And as if that is all. There is much more to it. At YouSayToo, one can get information about science and technology, news updates and any information that one may be interested in. I became an instant member of the community and am learning how to get benefitted from so much that the site offers.


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