Monday, August 9, 2010

The devastating floods in Pakistan and the language of the “friends”

Pakistan today faces the worst flood of its history. The weathermen even claim that in the last 80 years floods of this intensity and ferocity haven’t been heard. Obviously, due to generally dormant monsoons over the past so many years, people had become accustomed to living in rather drier monsoons and the poor had built their dwellings inside the dried patches of the rivers along their length and breadth throughout the country.

So when the rains came this year, initially people thought that these would go away after a few days. But this time the rains came and stayed. The rains in coastal areas of Balochistan were first to bring disaster and miseries. While the local administration and the government was still busy in the relief operations, sudden flash floods hit the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhua (KPK). The gushing water swept away village after village before people had the time to move to safer places. It left more than 1500 dead in KPK province alone and almost 1.5 to 2 million people have been rendered homeless.

The water continues to go downstream, wreaking havouc in the provinces of Punjab and Sind. Millions more have become homeless and the estimate of destroyed property goes into billions. As of now, while the flood water is flowing downstream in Sind province (at a speed of around1 million cusecs), more rains are hitting the KPK bringing in more devastation.

Now this is what the ground reality is. Since the net and news are full of flood updates, the purpose of this blog is not to bring another update. It is in fact some disturbing e-mails and comments that I read today that made me write this post.

Pakistan being a poor country, already paying a heavy price of the so called American War on Terror, finds it today utterly helpless to bear the wrath of nature. And for this the government requested the international community for help. And many came forward and have done their best to help the flood devastated Pakistan. But what about the friends? I mean the Americans for whom we are fighting a war in search of OBL and his squad. Time will tell the true story behind the War on Terror being a big game to loot and plunder Iraq and Afghanistan. But the comments by the Americans have shown the true face of common Americans, whom many in Pakistan believe to be friends. The language used in some 200 comments that I read today was most bizarre, inhuman and derogatory. Just falling short of naked abuses, the comments show the lowest of human esteem and sick mindset.

Many have opined that since Muslims profess that every good or bad thing comes from Allah, so why don’t the Pakistan ask their Allah for the wrong He has done to them rather than begging the American tax payers for the aid. A sizeable number asks of Pakistan to first hand over OBL before begging them for aid money. Another writes, “Pakistan created jihadi terror - 1st to kill Hindus, then to target Americans. Now's the time to finish off Pakistan - take advantage of the natural disaster. Pakistan is an enemy of civilization.” And many bring in religion to vent their hatred towards Muslims. Read this, “Once again the islamist call out to the christians for help , they hate the christians yet understand that even when reviled and beaten the christians will continue to help them out of love for our saviour. these floods are allah's will and a warning that the muslims will be judged for there crimes against humanity by the creator. yet in their arrogance the timid moslems say nothing and reap destruction from the had of God. the muslim holy war will bring world wide destruction , it is no religion of peace , but a religion of slavery - just ask their women (spelling mistakes have not been corrected).” Another comments, “They call for more aid now, when their "cousins" in the Taliban just beheaded ten western medical workers? Fine, Ham Sandwiches on the way!”

The venom is ceaseless “...So now we're going to RUSH billions more US dollars to a country that hates us? Let the floods wash every one of them away....flush that toilet.” Another joins in to comment, “Since Muslims believe that everything that happens is Allah's will perhaps they should look at what they have been doing to cause him to bring down this misery and disaster upon them. I do have that right don't I. That is what they believe, correct?” Here is another one, “Let them ask the Taliban for help and cash in their war with India! Surrender OBL and we MIGHT consider "some" cash.”. And here is one last, “Stop begging for money and stop having your countrymen trying to explode bombs in our cities and we'll leave you alone. We left you alone after the afghan-soviet war and look at the dung you people created. Why is the president going around the world begging? You elected him right? You elected your entire government right? Stop begging for money and we'll stop trying to 'fill your pockets.”

I could go on and on quoting the hate stuff, but it really pained me to read more. I wish I were the president of the country and having read all these comments, I would have never asked the Americans for help or for that matter anyone else in the world. Our people have always risen to the occasion and donated as much as they can. It is only bad management that makes matters worse. Had we had our own house in order and well organized, we should have learnt to face the wrath of the nature ourselves from within, rather than listening to what the citizens of the most enlightened nation of the world have spewed for us.


Shirazi said...

i am coming back from village Mong on the bank of Jhelum. I have seem some of it happening there. May Allah save us all.

Jalal HB said...

You dont seem to have read the complete post - as it is more than just the flood news.

Asghar Javed said...

Reading the 'hate email' is really painful. I read but avoid comment on hate side and only pray that American people realize the ground realities and clearly see where do they stand without Pakistan. On, don't help Muslims but they need to help Pakistan for their own sack. Or they are domed for ever.

As for asking Allah, we all pray to Almighty Allah to help us and we all bow before the will of Allah, whatever Allah is doing. We believe that what every Allah does is right every way.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break this to you but USA is nobody's friend. It's a Frenemy - Enemy in the disguise of a Friend!

Pakistan has enough wealth and resources to come out of any calamity - as long as there is a strong and effective government.

We have had floods and cloud bursts on the Indian side too. The scenes of misery are terrifying. We've also seen on News Channels the devestation caused by floods in Pakistan. May God bless all the souls and help those in need.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,
You should not be so surprised and pained that there are some in the west that have made these comments. In times of our need we often forget the comments that we have made when something unfortunate happens to others. There are always comments of "Allah's wrath" adn "Allah's will" when something bad happens to non muslims.
Well if ALL is Allah's will, then this too is Allah's will. And may He help all as he always does THROUGH other people. ALL are his people, even those some muslims call kafir. So if muslims don't actively or passively support terrorism in the name of Allah, or turn a blind eye to it, then perhaps Allah in his compassion and mercy will halt all these natural disasters that more often than not, happen in predominantly muslim areas of the world. Tsunami some years back....mostly Indonisia (mostly muslim population), Pakistan Kashmir (Muslim), Floods in Pakistan (muslim).

Lets face it, there is support for various terror groups in pakistan. Active support and just "turning a blind eye" support. What goes round does come round...maybe in a different form but it is all Allah's will. We should be thankful that after all the stealing of foreign aid (100s of million of UK pounds)by various govt and other people in pakistan, there are still those in the west who are stil willing to help us. We can be sure that WE would not be helping THEM if this happened to them. We would find other muslim countries that need help and helping them. THEY still help us and we think them stupid or in our paranoia, that it is only coz they want to steal our riches!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Merci, bon travail! Ce fut le stuff, je devais avoir.

Anonymous said...

شكرا على المعلومات العظيمة! لن لقد اكتشفت هذا خلاف ذلك!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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