Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tandrusti Key Liye Mashwarey (Tips for better health)

Everyone want to be healthy, hale and hearty. But what if there is a health problem? I came upon this humorously written post, but the one that makes sense too. Read a couple of 'mufeed mashwarey - useful tips" as an insight to the complete post. The English translation is by me as in original post only Urdu is used.

Agar tuj ko lagey jarey(winter) main sardi
(if you feel cold in the winters)
To istimaal ker anday(egg) ki zardi
(Then use the egg yolk)

Thakkan se houn agar uzalaat (organs) dheelay
(If you feel your body organs lifeless when tired)

To foran doodh grama garam pee ley
(Immediately drink hot milk)

Go ahead and click the link - smile and get well.


Asghar Javed said...

App to adhe doctor ho gaye hooo!