Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 – The Decisive Phase Starts

Well, after the initial uproar, claps and Vuvuzelas beeps, there have been lot of setbacks (the defenders Italy falling out) and lucky ones (USA moving to next round after almost nearing the elimination call). Now the stage is set from this day onwards as to who moves into the quarters. On one hand we have Uruguay vs South Korea, USA vs Ghana, Nederland vs Slovakia and Brazil vs Chile. On the other hand, those contesting to move into the quarter finals are Argentine vs Mexico, Germany vs England, Paraguay vs Japan and Spain vs Portugal.

Now the predications earlier made by many, including me, are still holding on. In my earlier post, “World Cup 2010 – Who will win?”, I had named five probables that included Brazil, Argentine, England, Germany and Spain. All five are still in and are likely to move to the quarter finals. Unless there are major setbacks, the predictions continue to stand valid.

Which teams do you think will finally move into the quarter finals? Let’s start watching from today onwards.